Weed in Cork

get marijuana in Cork cannabis/weed in Cork

Where to get marijuana in Cork. After Dublin, Cork is Ireland’s second-largest city. Despite the fact that it is not the largest city, it has its own distinct attraction and a thriving nightlife. Cork isn’t the best place in the world for cannabis, and finding it if you aren’t a local might be tricky. Continue reading for a complete cannabis/weed in Cork guide.

Cannabis laws in Ireland

In Ireland, cannabis is illegal, and even a small amount of the substance may put you in jail. In reality, marijuana is the subject of 53% of all drug convictions in Ireland. Your marijuana will be taken away and tested if you are caught, and you will be prosecuted. For a first offense, a penalty of up to 635 euros may be levied. For a second infraction, a punishment of 1,269 euros is imposed, and for a third offense, a fine and a year in jail are imposed. The outcome will be determined by the case’s specifics.

The Irish police are generally laid-back, and they may let you go with just a warning in some circumstances, but if you have weed on you, you should expect to be punished at the very least. As a result, it’s advisable to tread carefully and keep your marijuana usage private. Keep in mind that Cork isn’t Ireland’s largest city, and there aren’t many public venues where marijuana can be lawfully smoked.

Getting cannabis/weed in Cork

Finding cannabis in Cork will be difficult due to the police’s harsh stance on dealers. The greatest thing you can do is go out late at night and wander around the pubs and clubs a few times. It’s very likely that you’ll be offered cocaine or marijuana. Hard drugs are illegal and usually of low quality, so avoid buying them. It’s difficult to find hash, and it’s not worth the effort.

get marijuana in Cork cannabis/weed in Cork

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