Weed in Cairo

get marijuana in Cairo  marijuana in Cairo  weed in Cairo

Where to get marijuana in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo is a vast city, with a population of about 20 million people, making it the Arab world’s largest city. Because of its proximity to important ancient Egyptian artifacts, it is a popular tourist destination. Although cannabis is illegal in that country, you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on some hash. Continue reading for  more info on weed in Cairo.

Cannabis laws in Egypt

Egypt has a lengthy history with cannabis. Hemp was frequently used by the ancient Egyptians to make ropes, and hashish has been smoked in the area for hundreds of years. Despite this history, cannabis is still illegal in Egypt, and the consequences can be severe. If you have a few grams of marijuana on you, you could face jail time. It should go without saying that visiting Egyptian prisons during your Cairo holiday is not a good idea.

Many people believe that bribing the cops will get them out of trouble. Even if that sounds logical, it still poses a serious threat. Hashish is freely smoked in some more rural parts of the country, but Cairo is not one of them, and the risks are high. Overall, smoking marijuana or hash in Cairo has some risk, but the truth is that if you decide to take the risk, you will not be disappointed.

Getting weed in Cairo

In Cairo, hash is simple to come by, but cannabis is practically impossible to find. Simply ask a cab driver, a waiter, or any other man in the service industry. Women and men who appear to be more religious (as far as you can determine) will be less inclined to assist you. Don’t be scared to ask; hash is pretty easy to come by, and many people, especially foreigners, will be eager to help you. Make certain you aren’t taken advantage of. You’ll almost certainly have to haggle and overpay, but make sure you smell the hash you’re buying. The dealer may try to pass off anything that isn’t hash as hash.

get marijuana in Cairo  marijuana in Cairo  weed in Cairo

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