Weed in Boracay

Get marijuana in Boracay marijuana in Boracay weed in Boracay

Get marijuana in Boracay, Philippines. Boracay is a small island off the coast of the Philippines that attracts a lot of tourists. In fact, the government had to shut down the island for a time in order to modernize infrastructure and protect the ecosystem. You might want to sample some marijuana if you’re on Boracay. On the other side, the Philippines is strict on drugs, including marijuana. Continue reading to learn more on weed in Boracay:

Cannabis Laws in the Philippines

Cannabis laws in the Philippines are stringent, and even carrying a few grams of the drug can result in a prison sentence or even a life sentence. People have been sentenced to life in jail for carrying only 5 grams of marijuana, according to various reports. Don’t play games with the cops because they know the laws and are famously corrupt, so you never know if you’ll end up with a ticket outside the prison. Many people smoke there, but they try to stay out of the way, especially while buying cannabis.

Getting weed in Boracay

The Philippines has had drug problems in recent years, and marijuana is no exception. Drivers or street vendors may approach you and offer to sell you some, but this is not encouraged. They could try to dupe you with fake marijuana or call the cops on you and split the bribe with you.

Your best bet is to look for foreigners who have previously scored, but there is no way to find them. Now it’s just a matter of keeping an eye out for stoners and hoping for the best. On the other side, smoking marijuana in Boracay might be rather risky. Take a moment to also know how to Weed in Manila and Weed in Taipei

Get marijuana in Boracay marijuana in Boracay weed in Boracay

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