Weed in Shanghai

Weed in Shanghai, Where to Get Cannabis in Shanghai

Shanghai is both the world’s most populated city and one of the world’s most important financial centers. The city has a lot to offer, from fantastic nightlife to luxury hotels. A wide range of restaurants. And a beautiful skyline and parks. Things get a little more complicated when it comes to smoking marijuana in Shanghai. Continue reading to learn where to buy pot and how to smoke it in Shanghai.

Cannabis Law in China 

Any activity involving cannabis or any other substance on their prohibited list is extremely illegal. And you could be sentenced to death. There are a lot of cannabis-related executions every year. So if you’re planning to use pot there, be very careful.

If you smoke cannabis in a quiet location away from other people. You’ll be alright, but don’t smoke outside. Because officers are professional and know what they’re doing. Also, never carry more than one gram on your person. As carrying more than 5 grams can lead to a prison sentence.

Where to Get Cannabis in Shanghai 

Getting weed might be challenging, especially if you’re just traveling through and don’t know anyone. Although it is conceivable, obtaining high-quality cannabis. Particularly hashish, is challenging. 

Your best bet is to look in the Shanghai Downtown area. Which is densely populated with foreigners who will most likely assist you. Another nice place to check is near East Nanjing Road. Where dealers would approach you. It’s simple to strike a bargain, but never pay in advance and double-check everything.

Cannabis Prices

When you consider the legalities and scarcity of supply, it’s a bizarre truth that weed is quite inexpensive in Shanghai. You can get a high-quality skunk for around $20 per gram if you don’t know anyone. A large bag containing around half an ounce costs around $100 on average if you’re seeking for larger quantities.

Shanghai is a beautiful place to visit, but when it comes to purchasing and using cannabis, you should proceed with caution. The reason for this is that the police are highly strict, and even small amounts of marijuana may land you in jail or possibly get you executed. You should smoke in the privacy of your own home if you wish to. Also get insights on Weed in Kiev and Weed in London.

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