Weed in Medellin

Colombia, notably Medellin, the capital of Antioquia province, is a famous tourist destination. The city is known by various names, but one of the most well-known is the city of eternal spring. 

The name comes from the city’s year-round warm weather, so if you need to recharge your batteries, Medellin could be the place for you! The city’s numerous hills and mountains make it a popular location for those who enjoy outdoor activities.
The city attracts an increasing number of tourists and expats each year, so you might be interested in learning more about cannabis in Medellin.

Cannabis Laws in Colombia

Although cannabis and cannabis-related activities are no longer illegal, they are still restricted. Colombian cops are putting in a lot of effort to minimize cocaine and cannabis use. If you’re going to smoke in Medellin, be cautious, particularly if you’re going to smoke outside. 

If you are caught with modest amounts of narcotics by the authorities, you can typically get out of it by paying a small bribe, but if you are caught with huge amounts, you may expect a harsh punishment. Colombian cops are notoriously corrupt, and they thrive on the chance to bribe white visitors. Medical marijuana has been authorized in recent years.

Where to Get Cannabis in Medellin

Cannabis is readily available in Medellin, where it can be found on almost every street corner. As previously stated, the city is widely populated with visitors and expats, so look for backpacker hostels or make friends with foreigners. 

The best way to get high-quality cannabis is to make friends with a local who knows people who can help you. If you simply walk around the city, you should expect to be approached a few times by someone offering you cannabis. It’s a nice deal, but when dealing with street merchants, act with caution. Always verify the quality before purchasing and never pay in advance.

Cannabis Prices

Cannabis is usually grown outdoors in adjacent neighborhoods in Medellin, and while the quality isn’t always the best, you can always bet on enormous quantities for a low price. An ounce of medium-quality cannabis, for example, will cost you back around $50. It’s the price if you have a connection, but if you don’t, you can get an ounce for a lot less from street vendors. The quality isn’t great, but it’ll do the trick. Know also how to get weed in Sao Paulo and weed in Rio de Jeniero.

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