Weed in Macau

Macau, the Chinese equivalent of Vegas, is almost definitely familiar to those who appreciate casinos and card games. It’s a Chinese self-governing area with casinos, enormous shopping malls, and affluent citizens. The city has had a great impact on Portuguese culture because it was their jurisdiction until 1999. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in Macau and want to smoke some marijuana! Continue reading to learn how to get marijuana in Macau and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Laws in Macau

In Macau, marijuana is strictly regulated, and any marijuana-related activity is forbidden. Authorities are focusing their efforts on drug trafficking, which is mostly concentrated on docks, because Macau is known for its drug smuggling. Officials have a bigger problem with ketamine, which is their main emphasis, whereas pot can be used in private settings away from the public view. Be aware that during the day, many undercover cops are on the hunt for cannabis and other substances. Always keep no more than one joint on you at a time, and keep your stash well hidden in case you have more.

Where to Get Cannabis in Macau

Your best bet is to go through the malls or visit some of the city’s beautiful bars. There’s a good chance someone will come up to you with marijuana or hash. However, be aware of some sellers who work closely with the police to catch you off guard. You need to find someone you can trust, and the best way to do so is to become friends with a local.

Cannabis Prices

It’s difficult to estimate how much marijuana costs in Macau because there aren’t many reports, although one ounce of medium-quality weed costs around $450, according to visitor accounts. You can get your hands on some really powerful items if you have the right contacts. The majority of Asian marijuana is said to be a hybrid with a high THC content capable of producing a strong high.

Be cautious when dealing with cannabis in Macau because the authorities are quite strict about any cannabis-related operations. You could face significant consequences if you’re caught with even a little amount. The safest approach to purchase cannabis is to know a local you can trust. Also, if you’re going to smoke, make sure you’re with friends and in a peaceful environment.

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