Weed in Durban

Get marijuana in Durban weed in durban marijuana in south africa

Get marijuana in Durban, SA. Durban is South Africa’s third most populated city, after Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is situated on South Africa’s East Coast and is regarded as one of the country’s greatest tourist destinations. Durban has a nice subtropical climate and miles of sandy beaches. In general, smoking weed in Durban is very convinient. Although marijuana in South Africa is illegal, the laws are not strict, and weed smoking is common throughout the country.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in South Africa, the laws are not very strict, and police enforcement is not a primary concern. If you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana for personal use, you should expect to pay a fine of roughly $20. As long as you’re cautious and don’t reveal too much about your marijuana use, you shouldn’t face any serious consequences. Selling and growing cannabis are more serious felonies that can result in jail time.
A court ruling in 2017 deemed the current cannabis regulations to be unconstitutional. Possession and growing in private homes will be legal if the Supreme Court allows.

Getting weed in Durban

There is a lot of marijuana smoking in Durban. Almost every black man you come across lurking on a street corner will offer you cannabis or guide you to a dealer. Because cannabis is widely acknowledged and utilized, there is no need to be afraid when asking about it. The quality varies per vendor, although it is usually of low quality and grown outside. The prices are extremely low when compared to those in Europe. Expect to spend roughly 20 ZAR for a baggie containing a few grams. This is approximately $170 USD. Make sure to check out how to get Weed in Johannesburg and weed in Pretoria.

Get marijuana in Durban weed in durban marijuana in south africa

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