Weed in Cape Town

Get marijuana in Cape town weed in Cape town cannabis in Cape town

Get marijuana in Cape town, SA. Cape Town is a big coastal metropolis in South Africa. It is the country’s second-largest metropolitan, behind Johannesburg. The city is noted for being cosmopolitan, lively, and innovative. The city is situated next to the famous Table Mountain and has a beautiful coastline. There are several wonderful locations across the city where you may enjoy smoking cannabis, or dagga as it is known among the locals. This is the guide on weed in Cape Town.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in South Africa, the laws are not very strict, and police enforcement is not a primary concern. If you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana for personal use, you should expect to pay a fine of roughly $20. As long as you’re cautious and don’t reveal too much about your marijuana use, you shouldn’t face any serious consequences. Selling and growing cannabis are more serious felonies that can result in jail time.
A court ruling in 2017 deemed the current cannabis regulations to be unconstitutional. Possession and growing in private homes will be legal if the Supreme Court allows.

Where to get weed in Cape town

There are a few places in Cape Town where you can get cannabis. Long Street in the city center is probably the most straightforward. Simply walk about and someone should be willing to offer you anything; moreover, keep an eye out for Rastafarians who commonly sell. Be wary of both the cops and the dealer when purchasing marijuana. Always request to see the cannabis before paying. The observatory neighborhood is also a wonderful choice. Approach Rasta males who are standing in front of bars with your question; they should be able to help you. The price of weed per gram is between 100 and 150 ZAR (7-10 euro). You can always haggle for a better deal.

Get marijuana in Cape town weed in Cape town cannabis in Cape town

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