Weed in Moscow

get marijuana in Moscow cannabis/weed in Moscow

Where to get marijuana in Moscow. Moscow is a charming and historic city with stunning architecture and a thriving nightlife. Exploring Moscow with a little marijuana may sound like a good idea, but you could get in trouble if you have too much due to Russia’s strict cannabis laws. See our guide on cannabis/weed in Moscow for additional details.

Cannabis laws in Russia

Russia, like the majority of Eastern European countries, prohibits the use of cannabis. This implies that if you have less than 6 grams of marijuana and 3 grams of hashish in your hands, you will not be charged criminally, but you may be fined. Carrying more is considered to be in excess of personal belongings, and it might put you in a lot of trouble. Regardless, you should use utmost caution and judgment when acquiring or consuming marijuana. The general attitude regarding drugs in Russia is conservative, and if you do smoke, residents and cops will not be pleased.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Moscow

In Moscow, there aren’t as many weed dealers as in other European countries. As a foreigner, obtaining marijuana can be difficult. Your best bet is to seek out young people and ask them for cannabis. In clubs, especially the more alternative ones, people smoking can readily be found; simply approach them and question. Look for young people in parks; they are more likely to be open to the idea of smoking and speak English.
Because weed is more plentiful in Moscow than in most other places, expect to pay about 15-20 euros per gram.

get marijuana in Moscow cannabis/weed in Moscow

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