Weed in Gothenburg

get marijuana in Gothenburg cannabis/weed in Gothenburg

Where to get marijuana in Gothenburg. This is Sweden’s second largest city, behind Stockholm. It has grown in popularity with tourists in recent years, and the locals are accurate. There is a vibrant nightlife in addition to the rich culture, gorgeous architecture, and unique cuisine. Cannabis/weed in Gothenburg is illegal and also in the rest of Sweeden. It isn’t the best place to buy weed, but don’t give up. To understand more about our guide, keep reading.

Cannabis laws in Sweden

You might be surprised to find that cannabis is illegal in Sweden, and the laws are rather strict. Possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis are all punishable by fines or imprisonment. Although you are unlikely to receive a sentence for carrying a few grams on you, it is inconvenient. You will most likely be led to the police station, where you will be asked to fill out paperwork and could face a high fine and, in rare cases, prosecution. It’s time-consuming and inconvenient.
Sweedish people love to party and drink a lot, yet cannabis is frowned upon and considered taboo by the older generations. Younger generations are more accepting, but they are not the ones who make the laws.

Getting cannabis/weed in Gothenburg

Because of the rigorous regulations, you won’t find someone selling marijuana on the street. Instead, the locals have a phone number that they call, and you’ll need to find some friendly locals to call. In the summer, you may come across several young people smoking weed in the Kungsparken; simply approach them and ask for help. The majority of them are English native speakers. You should plan on spending roughly 100SEK per gram of marijuana. Because there is so much hash around, you might want to get it instead of cannabis. Again, be cautious because Sweden’s cannabis laws are very harsh.

get marijuana in Gothenburg cannabis/weed in Gothenburg

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