Weed in Constanta

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Where to get marijuana in Constanta. Constanta is one of the most populated and important cities in Romania. It is a significant tourist destination with stunning beaches and historical artifacts. Romania maintains strong cannabis regulations, yet with the legalization of medicinal marijuana in 2013, things look to be improving. Marijuana might be tough to come by in Romania, especially if you don’t know anyone. There are also a number of con artists. Continue reading on for more info on cannabis/weed in Constanta.

Cannabis laws in Romania

Cannabis is not an exception to Romania’s strict drug laws. You could conceivably go to prison only for having marijuana on your person, however this is unlikely if you only had a few grams. You will almost certainly spend a night in prison if you are discovered with a few grams of marijuana on you, but you may be able to avoid it by paying a fine. Cannabis dealing and growing are now more strictly regulated, with a prison sentence as a result. Marijuana is still illegal in Romania, and smokers should exercise caution. Keep your holdings to little more than a gram or two at all times and don’t smoke in public.

Finding Cannabis/weed in Constanta

Getting weed in Constanta can be tough, but not impossible, if you don’t know any locals. You’ll have to ask around, especially among the locals. You might be able to get help from club promoters, bartenders, and waiters. When dealing with gypsies, be cautious because they usually try to swindle you. The price of weed varies depending on how much tourists spend, but it is usually around 10 euros per gram. Hash is nearly impossible to get by.

get marijuana in Constanta cannabis/weed in Constanta

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